a tutorial

Run the editor program:
Start | Programs | Macromedia | Macromedia Dreamweaver MX

Once the editor is loaded, select File | New...

A New Document Dialogue appears.
Since we're just working with the basics right now, the defaults are all correct. Hit Create to open your new document.

You are now looking at a blank html webpage. As you begin to get the feel of Dreamweaver, you will begin to notice similarities to the way a word processor, like Microsoft Word, functions. If you begin typing, the text will appear, similar to Word documents. Unlike Word, however, you don't have to worry about margins, and font sizes are relative instead of exact. More on that later.

Your best friend in Dreamweaver is the properties box. The newest version of Dreamweaver loads with this box docked on the bottom region of the window. When text is selected for editing, a series of attributes appear allowing you to alter various aspects of the text. You can change fonts with the box labeled with a capital A, font size with the Size menu, color with the gray box directly to the right, bold, italics and whether the text is left/right justified or centered.

chapter 1: formatting text
chapter 2: hyperlinks
chapter 3: inserting images
chapter 4: page properties
chapter 5: tables
chapter 6: uploading your site
chapter 7: conclusion

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