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Infinite Improbability ∞

Music composition, audio recording, production and mastering, sound design, and voice acting for games, movies, or any media.

Infinite Improbability ∞ is not your normal music production company. If you are looking for bland and uninspired material, you're best to look elsewhere. If you demand inspiring and innovative music of the highest caliber, then Infinite Improbability ∞ is what you're looking for.

Infinite Improbability ∞ is comprised of three members who met as composition students at the University of Oklahoma. There, we were students and protégés of the acclaimed composer Christian Asplund. Recently graduated from college, the members of Infinite Improbability ∞ are pursuing a career in the video game music industry. As avid gamers born in the video game era, we are interested in writing great music for great games.  

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